21 September 2012

Journey of Indian Sky Map


Today I am happy to release Indian Sky Map, a fork of Google Sky Map. I have added an extra layer of Nakshatras. And changed the name of objects from western to Indian, but only those that I could find.

Also added the positions of Rahu and ketu. Had to search a bit to find it. Couldnt get a readymade solution though. I found a tutorial for calculating the Ecliptic longitude and latitude though. And that was enough, as I reused and tweaked the lunar computation to transform the nodal ecliptic coordinates to RA/Dec.
Nakshatra mapping was a laborious task. There seem to be no consensus on what are the exact nakshatras. To incorporate groups of star as nakshatras, I had to implement a circular region of variable size to accomodate different sizes. And then manually picked the RA/Dec center and radius for each one of them.
There is still a lot of scope for updating the names from western to Indian. But I am not sure how authentic the sources would be.
There is a huge bug though on the Sky Map app. If it is being launched by a search intent and the app has not already started, then the pointing arrow shows the wrong direction. I tried to implement the solution to this given by a guy on the forums. But still results were not satisfactory. Finally I had to implement a workaround to show the search box again if the app is being started through the search intent.

Hoping that this app does well.

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