18 July 2012

70s dont get to Play (Google Play that is)

I was tinkering around with my Chinese android tablet Momo9c. I had loaded it up with the ICS firmware. It was terribly slow. I searched for a solution, it seemed overclocking might be the way to go.   Strangely enough, only installing the overclocking app (after rooting of course), and applying the default values fixed the cpu speed. That did gave me scare as the tablet crashed and I had to restart it.

Now I was happy that the tablet speed is usable, but to my horror Google play was showing the error "No Connection". The internet was working fine. I feared that this might have triggered the disable of the Google play, and I would have to reflash the tablet.

I was looking for solutions, when I thought of opening the play market from the browser. And I saw an security warning that this is not a valid site. I wondered whether there is a problem with Google Server. And that's when I realized that the Date/ Time of the tablet is not right. I checked and saw that it was reset to 1970.

So the secure connection could have only been made when the servers certificate start date comes into effect. (So much for having a secure communication through a time machine , atleast through current protocols :) ).  Then after just fixing the date/time I was good to go.

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